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Dr. Burte's FIDEL Approach

Dr. Jan Mark Burte - Clinical Sports Psychology

What is FIDEL?


Focused Internally Directed Experiential Learning, or FIDEL, is a cornerstone in athletic performance enhancement, FIDEL is an approach developed over twenty-five years of experience with athletes and clients at all levels.


FIDEL rapidly enhances performance by utilizing the mind's inner resources to set goals, overcome barriers, and integrate mental and neuromuscular functioning.


My FIDEL approach combines the Traditional, Ericksonian and New Hypnosis orientations in order to maximize the elimination of your symptoms, pursue self-improvement, and teach you how to create positive self-hypnotic statements, suggestions and images focused upon every aspect of yourself. From the cellular level to the structural, biochemical and functional levels, we can empower your mind/body to work proactively toward your individual goals of optimal health and peak performance.

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